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SamApatti - A Dance Production by Priya Ramdoss

  • $25, purchased before 09/10/2017
  • $25, purchased after 09/10/2017

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Upcoming Concerts

SamApatti – When the mind disappears

A Dance Production by Priya Ramdoss

Concept, Choreography, and Performance:

Priya Ramdoss


Supported By:

Subhapriya Krishnan Srivatsan – Vocal

Jayanthi Sridharan – Nattuvangam

Srinath Bala – Mridangam

Keshavan Narayanan Srivatsan – Violin


** Free for IFAASD 2017 Subscription and Subscription Plus Patrons **

** All others: $25 per person **

Note – New Venue 

CPMA Auditorium, 5050 Conrad Ave, San Diego, CA 92117